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    nsfw and starring lara stone.

    by · August 14, 2014

    As one of the rare great authentic American rock bands, The Black Keys have a certain responsibility to the music industry, their fans, and, well, themselves. And although it is an unspoken, unasked-for role, the duo has never disappointed or complained, but have rather surpassed their aforementioned duty both musically and creatively via strangely fascinating, statement-making videos.

    And by George, they’ve done it again with their latest, “Weight of Love,” which picks up where their last video, “Fever,” left off—with a sweaty, spirited televised Dan Auerbach preaching to a room full of followers. Clocking in at over seven minutes, “Weight of Love,” directed by Theo Wenner, is more of a soundtracked short film than a music video. In its strange world, supermodel Lara Stone acts as a lead sister-wife-of-sorts to a cult of young ladies. As their provider and leader, Stone guides the white-garbed women through their day, as they participate in group exercises, hair braiding, and topless laundry among other peculiar doings, until they fall asleep to the sights and sounds of their presumed leader, Mr. Auerbach.

    It’s a perplexing world, but it somehow seems...right (?) to accompany the band’s hearty guitar melodies and grainy lyricisms. Watch below, but be warned: it’s NSFW!

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