The Blonds On Why Their Fashion Shows Are More Like “Performance Art”

Because who needs a regular runway show?

by Hafeezah Nazim

It's no secret that David and Phillipe Blond of The Blonds know how to put on eccentric, larger-than-life fashion shows. "We really view it as performance art," David tells us when we catch up with the design duo before their show this season. "We've been integrating a lot of music into the actual shows because that's predominantly who we work with—entertainers." 

And entertain they did, because this season's show was not only full of incredible models, including Daphne Guinness, but jaw-dropping accessories, too. "We've also worked with some amazing accessories designers. Planet-i has done this incredible flame eyewear, Creepyeha [has done] all these leather pieces that are sort-of like harnesses embellished with this amazing hardware, and the cherry on the cake is CND Nails—they do these amazing nail sculpts."

See highlights from the extravagant show, below.


Camera: Charlotte Prager and Dani Okon

Producer: Maura Gaughan

Editor: Charlotte Prager