the cleanser shampoo by truman’s

Bring the grooming experience back home…

by Christian Lavery

With two locations here in New York, Truman’s Gentleman’s Groomers has become the go to place for us fellas to take care of all our grooming needs. Shaves, haircuts, shoe shines, and yes, you can even swing by for a massage after an all too stressful day. However, we understand that sometimes, there isn’t always time for a visit – or equally as problematic, you don’t call New York your home.

To solve this problem, the company is bringing that same satisfaction you get from a trip to Truman’s into the confines of your own home. Offering products that mirror the brand’s classic service, Truman’s The Cleaner Shampoo adds an invigorating, sulfate-free formula to your shower routine that eliminates excess oils and residue to promote healthy hair and scalp. Loaded with a blend of bio-marine extracts, essential provitamins, and peppermint oil, the double-duty shampoo also conditions hair without causing hair to flatten by the end of the day.

Pick up a bottle HERE.