can a glue gun change your shoe collection?

by ali hoffman

When it comes to fashion, we do our best to stay consistent in our opinions and style. But obviously, there are a small handful of trends that cause our perspective to waver from “hate it” one season, to “need it” the next.

Case in point: Bedazzling, the ‘70s device used for adding rhinestones, studs, and everything else that sparkles to the fabric of your choice.  Sure, we hate it when it results in Carrie Bradshaw's phone looking like a disco ball.  But on occasion it inspires something so bizarrely awesome, it makes us wish we were back in the disco era.

Enter Haus of Price, the LA-based new shoe label that's got everything from suede wedges covered in faux pearls, to booties adorned with seashells. Since launching the line less than a year ago, designer James Price Jr. continues to personally adhere each embellishment to the shoes. And although Price uses his own custom tactics to adhere the gems, he admits the inspiration for line comes from a love of bedazzled vintage clothing. 

check out the collection here