where julie gonzalo heads when she’s not filming the texas-based tv show.

by rebecca willa davis

Not just any city gets an entire TV show named after it--but few can boast two. So consider Dallas among the lucky few metropolises to have inspired not just the '80s hit, but the rebooted version that's now in its second season on TNT. When it came to finding the best boutiques, bars, and vegan restaurants--yes, it's not all BBQ in the Texas city--we turned to the people who live, work, and are inspired by it. Actress Julie Gonzalo, who plays the multiple identity Rebecca Barnes on Dallas, has seen the city really evolve since the cast first arrived: "I've witnessed it from last season to this season grow a lot--museums and artsy things." It's one of the things that she really loves about the place; as Gonzalo puts it, "Obviously I'm biased at this point--I adore it because of what it's given me--but I do find it very artistic. And it's growing!"

Here's her tour of Dallas's Dallas.

Spiral Diner (1101 North Beckley Avenue)

"It's this vegan diner in [the neighborhood of] Oak Cliff. I'm not vegan--I'm an on-and-off vegetarian--but I adore this diner. It's really great food and it's what inspires me to eat healthy. It's just so delicious and you don't realize you're not eating any animal products. The wraps are really great…I kind of try to do a one of each every time I'm around. It's a really cool little diner."

Nasher Sculpture Center (2001 Flora Street)

"There are always great exhibits there. Also, there's a garden in the back and on Fridays they have music and drinks and people lie on the grass and listen to bands. There's a really good vibe."

Milk & Honey Boutique (1906 North Henderson Avenue)

"There are a couple of boutique stores I'm really loving--I just ran into one called Milk & Honey yesterday and it's very cute, very good prices. I've never really heard of any [of the brands] in there. When I want to get fancy, I'll go to Neiman Marcus or Highland Park--there's great shopping around there."

North Henderson Avenue

"That area has a lot of mid-century modern art and design--the Henderson area is a good place to see some art and shop. I'm one of those people [where] I walk in and if I like a store I stay!"

The Old Monk (2847 North Henderson Avenue)

"The North Henderson area, which is by where I'm staying, is a really great area to just have a late dinner; there's a good vibe around. There's a bar called The Old Monk and we all hung out there this weekend--a lot of crew and stuff."

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden (8525 Garland Road)

"It's a beautiful place, and this time of year there are pumpkins and flowers. There's also a blown glass exhibit there right now, and it's breathtaking."

The Pearl Cup (1900 North Henderson Avenue)

"It's a very local coffee house. Everybody's working on something, having meetings, reading…it's a cool place to chill. You can hang out there all day--I haven't hung out there all day quite yet [laughs], but it's a really cool place to grab a quick coffee. And it's around a lot of the [other] places that I mentioned."

Angelika Film Center (5321 East Mockingbird Lane)

"I love the Angelika--it's an art house movie theater. It's just great, it's very different; it's not so much studio films, so it's really fun to go there."