The New Trailer For ‘The Danish Girl’ Is Gorgeous, Sad, Uplifting

our emotions are ready.

We’ve been lined up to see Eddie Redmanye in The Danish Girl for some time now (though the line exists completely in our brains). The story of Lili Elbe, formerly Einar Wegener, one of the first people to undergo gender-reassignment surgery, not only takes us back to the Art-Deco days of the 1930s, but also stars Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne as Elbe. Perfect. 

Now, a new trailer for The Danish Girl is out, this one focusing on the relationship between Elbe and her wife Gerda Gottlieb played by the suddenly ubiquitous Alicia Vikander. Spoiler: Ultimately, their marriage did not work out, but it looks like the movie may underscore the positive moments of their shared emotional journey. A good tale, finally told.

The Danish Girl theaters on November 27…Thanksgiving!

(via /Film)