the dark side of oz | over the radio

You be the judge…

by Josh Madden

the dark side of oz | over the radio

Have you ever heard that myth, often shared late at night in college dorm rooms or fraternity houses, that goes something like; If you start Pink Floyd's

Dark Side of the Moon

at this one part of

The Wizard of Oz 

then they sync up and the movie watching experience is a whole new adventure? Well back in 1999 some friends were sitting around in a living room doing just that when the last bit of Dark Side ended the five disc changer kicked over to Radiohead's


and a monumental discovery was made. It turns out that at the 43 minute mark of

Wizard of Oz 

syncs up perfectly with Packed Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box, the first song on the record. With some closer examination it appears that there are some witch-like figures in the


artwork and a scene where a few figures are shown looking at a distant city. So here we are, 14 years and all of this technology later and finally the group of friends have decided to present this thesis to the world. The video below and


have taken all of the work out of viewing this long queried and much talked about occurrence. The video has even been made downloadable for all of those late night dorm room and frat house discussions. Now you can watch one of the biggest movies in the history of film along with the records in their entirety! The only question is: Is it all real? You be the judge.

Dark Side of Oz + Over The Radio from Animal Manufacturing Co. on Vimeo.