Photo courtesy of HBO

‘The Deuce’ Season 2 Sees Maggie Gyllenhaal Dominating The Porn Industry

The trailer jumps forward five years

The first trailer for the new season of HBO's The Deuce is here and it jumps forward five years from when Season 1 left off.

The series, set in gritty and crime-ridden Times Square in the '70s, depicts the legalization porn and the subsequent impact it had on the sex workers and industry. The first season saw Maggie Gyllenhaal as Candy, a sex worker interested in directing adult films as a way to leave her unsafe work in the streets. The series' second season trailer fast-forwards to 1977. Where Candy was once struggling to get into directing, her career now appears to be on the rise. As is the porn industry. When talking about the relaxed regulations, Emily Meade's character says, “Everything is changed. It’s not like how it was when we started. It’s like a free world.” But that's not the case for everyone.

The world that Candy now occupies, alongside twins Vincent and Frankie played by James Franco, is not available to everyone in sex work. While the three seem to be living lavishly off of their earnings, it's still incredibly dangerous for people working on the streets. It looks like the new season will explore the increasing gap between the worlds of pornography and prostitution.

Season 2 of The Deuce premieres September 9. Watch the first trailer, below.