The Heathers Are Back And Bitchier Than Ever In First Reboot Trailer

Shannen Doherty makes an appearance

The Heathers are back to terrorize a new generation. The first trailer for the highly-anticipated reboot series was released today, and, as it appears, teenagers still know how to make a killing in 2018—maybe a little too well.

As previously revealed, the new mean girl clique is a lot more diverse than the one before it. Melanie Field plays body-positive social media influencer Heather Chandler, Jasmine Mathews takes on the role of now-lesbian Heather McNamara, and Brendan Scannell will play genderqueer Heather Duke. Grace Victoria Fox will take over for Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer while James Scully is the modern-day J.D., also referred to as a “teenage Charles Manson.”

The same twisted, dark nature of the original film seems to spill over into the series, including one-liners like “suck my third nipple” and “oh my clit.” So, no, this still isn’t a kid-friendly project. The show will also include little Easter eggs in each episode that nod back to the '80s cult classic. We already got a glimpse of a couple, with the original Heather, Shannen Doherty, popping up and Veronica wearing her signature monocle. 

There’s a lot going on in the trailer, and fans of the original might not be too keen on the changes—people on Twitter are already doling out mixed reviews. And, well, we’ll let you come to your own conclusion after you watch the trailer. 

Heathers will air March 7 on Paramount Network.