The Hics Tangle

what the xx-meets-sade sounds like.

by rebecca willa davis

British buzz band alert!

Meet The Hics, a six-piece from South London who work not with jangly garage rock or Adele-esque ballads, but rather in fusing together jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music. The end result is less of a jumble of noise and more smooth beats, dreamy vocals, and sparse-but-powerful melodies.

The band started in the halls of Pimlico School, know for their state-funded music course; there, Sam Evans founded the band with drummer Jacob Walsh, before bringing on Roxana Dayette to help with the guy-girl duets. Before long, the band expanded to six (with four of them classmates), and in early August they headlined their very first show.

Though they don't yet have dates set for the US, the music video for "Tangle" gives you a sense of what to expect. We've got the exclusive premiere--give it a listen, and then pick up a copy of their debut EP Tangle, out today in the US.