See The Kristen Stewart-Free Trailer For ‘The Huntsman Winter’s War’

featuring emily blunt with khaleesi hair.

Did you like Snow White and The Huntsman, but wanted less Kristen Stewart and more shirtless Chris Hemsworth? Friend, Universal Pictures is looking out for you.

Today, we’ve got a preview of the upcoming prequel to the gritty, gritty 2012 fairytale adaptation that not only starred Charlize Theron as an amazingly wicked villain, but marked perhaps the most scandalous affair of our decade (that of Stewart and director Rupert Sanders).

This outing is free of both KStew and Sanders, with Cedric Nicolas-Troyan at the helm and the welcome additions of Emily Blunt as the Ice Queen (sister to Theron’s Queen Ravenna) and Jessica Chastain as Sara, Hemsworth’s bow-wielding love interest. As you can see in the trailer above, both new cast members are bringing the ice and the fire (respectively). Also, seems we're getting an origin story for the Huntsman as well as, yes, shirtlessness. 

Add in some nice CGI battle scenes, beautiful glam shots of Theron, and a few steamy shots of Hemsworth and Chastain making like Wildlings, and you’ve got yourself a movie. Promising!

The Huntsman Winter’s War, which is sort of begging for a colon, hits theaters April 22, 2016.