“i didn’t think anyone would buy it.”

by faran krentcil

Alexa Chung may be London's sweetheart, but she's a current American style star, and she's been on a national tour promoting her new collection for Madewell. Last night, she supported a few other U.S. designers - Monica Botkier, Rebecca Minkoff, and Yeohlee Teng - as they debuted their own limited-edition shades at Sunglass Hut.  We spoke with the model / TV host / designer about her manicure (and other stuff).

When your second Madewell collection debuted, you crashed their website.  Apparently!  Who knew that could even happen?  But do you know, I couldn't sleep the night before, because I was convinced it was going to be a disaster.  I didn't think anyone would buy it.  I was thinking, you know, "Here we go, everyone's going to realize in the morning that this is a bad idea."

Even after your first collection?  I mean, anything can happen once, but...  You like it, though, right? 

Yes, I love the lace top and the lace dress.  Me too!  I was worried those wouldn't be different enough, but it seemed like aside from vintage, or super expensive labels, it's really hard to find good lace.

Your dress tonight is Mary Katrantzou, a British designer.  I just bought it yesterday.

You didn't get it in London?  No, I saw it at Opening Ceremony a few days ago, and I was like, "No Alexa, you don't need another dress."  And then I was like, dreaming about it, so finally yesterday I just went back and bought it. 

You have green nails.  I do.  I'm obsessed with them.  I got them done by this woman and I don't even know her salon name, I just know her Twitter name - it's Naomi Nails NYC.  She's amazing - if you go on her Twitter she has, like, Harry Potter nails and Hello Kitty nails and all kinds of stuff. She's brilliant.

Where are you going with those green nails?!  I'm going to Paris for the shows!

See you at Chanel?  Yes, Chanel and also YSL, Givenchy I think... I'm doing a special project at some of the shows.  Maybe we shouldn't talk about it just yet...

Alexa Chung in Mary Katrantzou

Alexa's green nails.