the touring life of this musician means chicken, laundry and dawson’s creek.

by liza darwin

Darwin Deez (real name: Darwin Smith) might not seem like your average pop star, with his trademark ringlets and '80s dance class style, but he's captured the ears of everyone from elementary schoolers to grandmothers with his sunny, sing-a-long tracks. He's currently on the road with his band promoting his debut self-titled CD, which drops February 22. Between stops on the tour, he managed to fill in the blanks on our pop quiz.

Your favorite food.......Chinese chicken and broccoli with garlic sauce.  Also, is being on time to the venue considered a dish?  I figure it's a dish best served promptly.

Favorite city you've toured so far....Unfair question...also just plain hard to remember. But since we were in Chicago last night and I enjoyed it, I'll say Chicago.  The venue staff at Schubas were gracious and the sound engineer was

awesome.  And two people at Walgreen's were helpful. That's all I got to know of chicago besides 6 freezing blocks.

Your pre-show ritual......Getting my life together in the car on the way to the venue, like I'm doing right now by answering these interview questions on my computer so i can send them back in a timely manner. This also includes putting yesterday's dirty t-shirt, underwear and socks into my dirty laundry backpack and replacing them in my on-the-go backpack with clean clothes.  Mechanics of touring!

Favorite TV show.....Star Trek: The Next Generation and Dawson's Creek, seasons 1-3.

What you do when you're not touring..... I go to extremes, whether it's music-making or watching tv.  I go back and forth between the two for binges that last up to 12 hours/day for 5 days at a time.

Favorite song off his CD....My favorite song on the CD might be "Bad Day".  I'm very happy with the arrangement, melody, production and the response it has gotten from fans, i..e, singing during the shows!

On a typical weekend, we can find you doing this...... Not making plans with any of the people i love even though i love them. I spend a lot of time alone when I can.

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