the insider: kidada jones

“i just found out recently that bambi’s a boy.”

by ali hoffman

Back in 2008, we sat down with Los Angeles-native Kidada Jones and chatted about her amazing job as the creative force behind Disney Couture. Today, three years later, Kidada for Disney Store – a Princess-inspired girly wonderland- hits the shelves. So once again, we caught up with Kidada to talk about everything from her favorite princess to Missy Elliot. 

Who's your favorite Disney Princess?

Snow White is my fave. I love her jet-black hair! But I identify with all of them in different ways.  When you really know their stories, they're actually really strong characters.  They have to dig really deep into their virtues and attributes to even get to their dreams.  None of them stumbles upon it… I mean Cinderella goes through a lot!

So honestly, how often do you re-watch the Disney classics?

I watch them all the time! If I'm getting a cold. If I'm feeling a little lonely.  If I don't want to go out at night.  It taught me life early.  It's got the polar opposites the dark and the light, and that's real life. The movies have evolved with time, and I take little pieces from all of them with me.  And I learn new things about them all the time. I just found out recently that Bambi's a boy.

What's “Top Played” on your iPod right now?

"I just discovered a new group called The Weekend that I love. It feels like old Missy, Aaliyah, mixed in with like techno, falsetto. I like remixes! I like four people on one song. I also like YACHT. I like Passion Pit.  I love Lil Wayne. I love Hall & Oates.

Los Angeles or New York?

LA all day!

If you were stuck on a desert island, what's the one beauty product you'd bring with you?

Just one? Well clearly it would be sun block! But if I was twenty-three, it would definitely be nail polish. 

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