meet the star of netflix’s new show, hemlock grove.

by ali hoffman

If you already finished the entire season of House of Cards, and you're eagerly awaiting the new episodes of Arrested Development, we've got great news: Netflix is premiering a brand new show today! Based on the novel by Brian McGreevy and produced by Eli Roth, Hemlock Grove takes place in an eerie Pennsylvania steel town and stars a gaggle of talented (and, yes, great looking) up-and-coming actors. Somewhat of a Twin Peaks murder-mystery, with a True Blood meets Teen Wolf twist, the show is at moments terrifying, often gory, and always visually engrossing.

Formerly on Degrassi: the Next Generation and Terra Nova, 22-year-old Landon Liboiron stars as outsider Peter Rumancek, gypsy/rumored-werewolf who's the prime suspect for the killing of a young girl. Between press trips and premieres, we caught up with the guy-of-the-moment to talk about his costars, t.v. marathons, and the best/most random thing he's watched on Netflix.

How did you first become a part of Hemlock Grove? It was during the time where we weren't sure if Terra Nova was coming back or not, so I wasn't really going on auditions or looking for any new projects yet. But then my managers called and were like, 'You have to read this one.' I loved it because it felt mysterious, but not obvious. It's a normal town but something about it is really off. But it never has to explain any of the fantasy elements. This is just the world and you don't question it.

What about playing the character of "Peter Rumancek" interested you most? The one thing to know about Peter is that he's kind of the outsider. He doesn't answer to anyone. His greatest fear is to be trapped in a cage, so what he knows is to run from the problem.

Did you like the rest of the cast? The cast is about as strange as the characters in the show. It's a very worldly cast, which was cool because everyone brought something different. There wasn't a weekend that we didn't go out and get together. Bill [Skarsgard, his costar on the show] and I got really close. I would love to do a second season. It was a tough one to say goodbye to.

Since Netflix is releasing the entire season today, do you suggest watching all the episodes back-to-back? Or, is it the kind of show that's better if you take a day or two between episodes? I highly recommend watching it all at once--make a marathon out of it all in one night! It's one of those shows where the end of every episode leaves you wondering. You want to discover what's happening, and who's lying, and who is telling the truth.

Have you seen the whole season yet? No! We've only gotten to see the first three episodes. I really want to see how it all turns out. It's such a big cast, so I want to know how the other stories turn out and see everyone's performances.

What's the most obscure/awesome thing you've found on Netflix? There's this show that Bill and I watched while shooting called Wilfred. Elijah Wood is in it--he's incredible. I think it's one of the smartest, funniest shows. Watch all 13 episodes of Hemlock Grove here!