“i can’t tell if wearing clothes you designed is baller or a cheesy thing to do!”

by liza darwin

There's no question that Best Coast loves California (just listen to the duo's title track off their forthcoming album The Only Place if you have any doubt...). So at the band's eMusic listening party last night, Web Editor Liza Darwin and NYLON TV's Kristen Garris played a rapidfire round of "Would You Rather" with Bethany and Bobb, filled with West Coast staples. See what the twosome said about margaritas, tacos, music- plus Bethany's Urban Outfitters collaboration- below.

Okay, guys, we're going to do a California "Would you rather" to see which you'd prefer. First up: Coronas vs. margaritas?

Bethany: Margaritas for sure.

Regular? On the rocks?

Bethany: On the rocks, no salt. I like frozen but I prefer on the rocks margaritas because they seem stronger…somehow [laughing].

Tacos vs. hot dogs: which is the better beach food?

Bethany: Tacos. Veggie tacos.

Bobb: Carnitas. Or potato tacos.

Okay, moving on... if you guys could form your ultimate super group, who would you pick?

Bethany: Mine would be Stevie Nicks, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and Kate Bush.  I think those would be some good people to work with.

Bobb: John Bonham, George Harrison, Levon Helm.

And what would you call the group?

Bethany: Wizards of Cos. That's actually my dad's band in the '80s…I would have my dad's band live on.

If you had  to describe your new album to someone who's never heard Best Coast before, what would you say?

Bethany: I would say it's like a pop record that has a lot of  '50s and '60s influences from country, rock, and a little bit of like 90s. We were really trying to make pop music this time. None of that lo-fi, surf rock or whatever everyone else wants to call it [laughing].

Do you guys have any favorite or least favorite moments from recording or writing songs off the new album that you can think of?

Bethany: The least favorite thing was the time I ate a pound of guacamole and then felt like I was going to die. I honestly ate a pound of guacamole! [laughing]. We were ordering from this Mexican place while we recorded and I was eating it and like having a conversation and by the time I looked down it was gone.

Bethany, tell us about your new clothing line for Urban Outfitters.

Bethany: Everything in there is stuff that I would wear; I just wanted to create a line that had nothing too weird, nothing that the average girl would see and be like, "I wouldn't look good in that." I get really inspired by seeing young girls at our shows because they just dress so cool.

So you were inspired by your fans, too?

Bethany: Yeah! The first three rows always have young teenage girls who all have very cute style and cute haircuts. I would seriously wear all of it when it comes out- I can't tell if wearing clothes you designed is a baller thing to do or a cheesy thing to do! I actually wore one of the tops out and my friend were all saying "That's a cute shirt!" I was like, "Thanks it's mine!" [laughing].

Onstage, do you guys have a particular style or person that you look up to?

Bethany: I love Stevie Nicks and I take inspiration from a lot of her looks. I think that some of her stuff is a little bit too dramatic for me, though... I can't really pull off a top hat. Trust me, I've tried, and it did not look good [laughing].