“i want to make our next music video even weirder.”

by liza darwin

This morning, in between a bbq party with Bleached and Best Coast and running across town to catch a showcase, we made a pit stop to chat with Chairlift before their performance. The New York band has been on our iTunes for years with prior hits like "Bruises" and "Evident Utensil," and now Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly have new tour, new(ish) sound, and a new album, Something, out now. They filled us in on all three of these things below.

How has your SXSW experience been so far?

Caroline: It's been good so far, we got in last night and played a couple of shows. We didnt come last year because we were recording, so I'd say we have good feelings toward Sxsw.

Patrick: Happy feelings for sure.

What have you been doing since you finished your album?

Caroline: We've been making music videos and touring! I'm obsessed with making videos and Patrick is obsessed with touring, so we've been frothing at the mouth to do both.

Patrick: We've been so excited to do both. Foaming at the mouth might not be the most attractive way to describe it, though [laughing].

What has been your favorite stop on tour so far?

Caroline: Copenhagen was amazing. I had never been there before, and the people were so into the music. I loved it.

Patrick: Our favorite spots depend so much on the people there, and Copenhagen was great.

If you had to pack a tour or a festival survival kit, what would you include?

Caroline: Lots of water. Also, I'd pack headphones- it's funny because people assume that during festivals when you're surrounded by music all the time you wouldn't want to listen to anything else, but it's nice to zone out.

Can we talk about your music video for "Met Before"? It reminds me of one of those choose your own adventure books.

Caroline: The idea to make it interactive like that didn't really happen until after we had started on it. I actually didn't really read choose your own adventure books as a kid. I didn't understand it because it's like, why would you only want to read half the book? I like interactive videos, though. I want to make our next one even weirder....get ready.

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