“we’re literally dying for everyone to hear our new album.”

by liza darwin

Come on, get happy! That's the ideas behind Future This, the sophomore album from London duo The Big Pink. Stuffed with epic choruses and soaring melodies, let's just say that Milo and Robbie want us to ring in the New Year in the best way possible. And hey, who's going to argue with that? Milo stopped by the NYLON offices and talked breakups, touring, and why he believes he's made the ultimate road trip soundtrack.

You guys are gearing up to release your new album. Are you ready for everyone to hear it?

We finished it a couple of months ago, so yeah! We're dying. Literally dying for everyone to hear the new album.

How would you describe the vibe of Future This?

We're definitely not ashamed to say this is a pop record, but very much in our own "The Big Pink" kind of style. Loads of big beats, distorted guitars, drony bits. When we were writing we were listening to a lot of hip-hop and R&B, so it has more of a hip-hop swing to it. We tried to rap on it, but it didn't work [laughing]. It ended up more like Linkin Park than Beastie Boys!

Do you feel like it reflects a different time in your life?

Definitely. On the first record Robbie and I had both been through these really horrific breakups with girls that were very intense experiences at that time. We were in the midst of writing at the time, so we really bonded over that. So the first record is quite negative in some parts, whereas this time its just a whole more positive outlook of who we are, what the band is. It's a much more happy, joyous record.

If you had to pick a scenario where you had to imagine someone listening to your music, what would you say?

I really like listening to records in cars, so I'd imagine a weird road movie scenario. Like The Hitcher maybe, instead of Rutger Howard being the psycho, maybe it was a girl character. Like Thelma and Louise meets The Hitcher.

I've never seen The Hitcher, is it scary?

It's not that it's like horror scary, it's just really intense. It's this kid that picks up a hitchhiker and the hitchhiker is just a complete psycho. It's scary in that way.

It sounds scary!

Yeah, now that I think about it it might be a little too scary. No, I'd say our album is more like, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets The Hitcher meets Thelma and Louise. Or something.

Can you tell a difference between your UK fans and American fans?

In America it kind of seems like people really get into it; here the idea of going to a show is like a night out, and it's all about the performance of the night. Whereas in England it kind of feels like people are only there to hear certain songs. I also think touring music in America is much more ingrained in the culture; the roads have all been traveled for years by jazz musicians, or R&B musicians to rock and roll. It's always there and you play these venues, and the venues are all like seeped from tradition, whereas it's not really like that in England. England is like, half the size of New York State. It's tiny!

Future This drops in January. Order it now on iTunes.