The Killers Shot At The Night

friends don’t let friends start the weekend without their 5 fave new songs of the week.

by nylon

"Chloroform" (Sleigh Bells Remix) - Phoenix

You know the awesome feeling you get when your two best friends from different circles meet for the first time and hit it off? That's how you're going to feel while listening to Sleigh Bell's cover of "Chloroform" by Phoenix. There are even parts of the tune where Alexis Krauss sings over Tomas Mars' vocals--it's a like our dream duet come true. STEFF YOTKA

Music Go Music - "Love Is All I Can Hear"

I fell hard--and fell fast--for Music Go Music when I first heard


, their debut album put out by Secretly Canadian, in 2009. It was like someone threw ABBA circa 1975 in a time machine and brought them to present day Echo Park. And then…silence, with the LA disco-tinged indie band seemingly disappearing as quickly as they appeared. So, yeah, I've been listening to "Love Is All I Can Hear," the new single from the band, on repeat. It leans more towards the Fleetwood Mac side of the '70s sound spectrum, which definitely isn't a bad thing. REBECCA WILLA DAVIS

James Bay - "Move Together"

Meet James Bay, a shaggy-haired musician who quickly takes the whole "band crush" thing to the next very literal level. Sure, it's partially thanks to his good looks (anyone else get Jack White-meets-young Johnny Depp vibes?), but most importantly, it's his piles of talent. The UK singer and songwriter's strummy guitar ballad is the perfect intro to a guy we're going to hear a lot more from very soon. He's bringing that butterflies-inducing voice on tour with ZZ Ward, so see him in action now-- just don't blame us when you go weak at the knees. LIZA DARWIN

Deap Vally, "Walk of Shame"

It's been a long, hard wait for the debut album from LA rock duo Deap Vally, but luckily we have this head-banging jam to tide us over until Sistrionix drops next month. These girls don't beat around the bush--the song is titled "Walk of Shame," after all- and lyrics like "I'm still wearing last night's tights" are exactly what makes Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards so damn awesome. So if you're searching for a party anthem this weekend, look no further. Go big, go bold, and do it with this song blaring from your speakers.LD

The Killers - "Shot at the Night"

Famous actors? Check. Cinematic location? Check? Frontman singing his super-group's latest anthem whilst wearing a leather jacket? Check, cheek, and check. The music video for The Killers' "Shot at the Night" has it all--yes, even Max Minghella working a cobalt suit like it's his job (I guess it kind of does). He stars with Bella Heathcote in this Sin City Cinderella story about a Vegas housekeeper who cuts loose with a guest of the hotel, all set to the made-for-stadiums new tune off of The Killers' upcoming best-of collection Direct Hits. RWD