The Lucas Bros. Go After A Different POTUS In Their New Netflix Special

The identical twin comedians stopped by our studio for a chat

These days, it’s hard for stand-up comedians to avoid the orange elephant in the room. Not only is Donald Trump on everyone’s mind, but he happens to be an easy target for professional joke makers. But in their new Netflix special, Lucas Bros: On Drugs, identical twins Keith and Kenny Lucas forego an assault on the current president and instead target the president Trump is most often compared to, Richard Nixon. In fact, the 37th POTUS and his legacy as the father of the War on Drugs is a dark specter that hangs over their whole set, quite literally: The brothers tell their jokes in front of a backdrop of smiling Nixon heads. “We’re just fascinated by the dude, he’s such a complex figure,” the two told us last month when they stopped by our studio to promote the special. “His policies and his decisions that he made are still impactful to this day. You don’t want to talk about Trump or Hillary, so you talk about the person that influenced both of them.” 

The brothers, both former law students who dropped out of Duke University to pursue a career in comedy, also told us that they recorded the special in Brooklyn, New York, a week before the election and like the fact that Trump is never mentioned by name, because it infuses their work with a certain timelessness. Instead, the brothers train their deadpan delivery on subjects like O.J Simpson, tripping on mushrooms (and each other), and Space Jam. Watch our interview with them above, but, more importantly, go check out Lucas Bros: On Drugs, which is currently streaming on Netflix.