Cannibal Mermaids Reign Supreme In ‘The Lure’ Red Band Trailer

The musical sensation is almost here

by daniel barna

There's a wondrous fantasy musical about to take the country by storm, and no, we're not talking about La La Land. Instead of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, this musical features mermaids. But not just any mermaids, no. Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Smoczynska's directorial debut features cannibal mermaids, because really, what would a musical be without cannibal mermaids?

Last February, we gave you your first peek at the festival sensation, and called it a "feminist-mermaid-musical-horror-love story," because let's face it, we have a way with words. But that trailer was in Polish. The new trailer, which is equally NSFW, has subtitles, meaning you can finally get a sense of what this ambitious modern fairytale is really all about. And while the subtitles certainly help in deciphering Smoczynska's audacious vision, we're pretty sure we had you at "cannibal mermaids," right? 

The Lure opens in theaters February 1. Watch the red band trailer above.