Photo courtesy of The New Respects


The New Respects’ “Trouble” Is Your New “Not Today, Satan” Anthem

Go ahead and get gone

Nashville’s The New Respects aren’t here for your pettiness and negativity. On their new single, “Trouble,” they quite literally tell it (trouble) to go ahead and get gone. And, when set to an anthemic gospel chorus, you best be believing trouble is left shaken and stirred.

For the track’s music video, the New Respects live the rock star fantasies they were born to live. Sleek black-and-white effects and an endless zooming in brings to mind elements of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” video. It’s all a lead-up to the video’s explosive finale that bursts with color and attitude. Zandy Fitzgerald, the band’s guitarist, tells us, “I wanted ‘Trouble’ to be a rock song that said, ‘Even if life isn’t going well, I’m not going to lay down, I’m going to fight back.’” It’s a song that was written years ago, but with time and an increasingly devout fandom, has taken on a new life of its own with people sharing their stories of how the song has helped them overcome whatever obstacles have come in their way. May it do the same for you.