the nugget spot

All nuggets…All the time…

by Josh Madden

The Nugget Spot

The Nugget Spot is exactly that:THE SPOT! They've taken the standard idea of chicken nuggets and applied it to pork, catfish, and polenta, ensuring there's something for everyone! We stopped by and they started us off with two house favorites: the Cap'n Crunk and the Cheez Louise. The Louise, breaded with a cheese cracker crust dunked in some ranch, gives you the classic nugget feel, while the Cap'n takes you to a sweet place with its "Crunk Sauce." It all brings out some nostalgic chicken and waffle feels, which is always good for the soul. Before I go on, I have to ask: have you ever had Mac n Cheese with Cheez-It's crumbled on top? Until now, I had never heard of this, but I sure feel like I missed the memo somewhere cause it's SO GOOD!

When you're looking over a menu with this many game changers, you know they've got something special for you when your eyes get to the dessert section. All I'm going to say is: deep-fried-pretzel-coated-chocolate chip cookie-dough balls. Need I say more? Just know it melts in your mouth. This time around we stuck with chicken, but we'll be back soon for that pork and catfish...If we see you there we'll trade sauces and split a pitcher, cheers!

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-words & photos by Yung Will( for chow reviews)