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behold, the vampire-inspired “blood juice” cleanse.

by liza darwin

Creepy or cool? You can now buy a "blood juice" cleanse inspired by The Originals on Gilt. It's promising to “make you feel like you could live forever,” and “keep you on the prowl morning through the night.” (EW)

Does it get any better than cats modeling clothing? Cats modeling United Bamboo clothing, that's what. (Racked)

Get ready for even more Arrested Development! Season four is coming... (Reuters

Whoa, Natalie Portman's new Dior ad is totally stunning. (Dior Twitter)

The new ASOS covergirl Hailee Steinfeld on her tips for dressing down and why she's obsessed with Emma Watson. Also: puppies! (ASOS Youtube

If you like boys, bands, and hazy guitar pop, then you'll love Brookyln indie outfit Honduras. (NYLON Guys)