the rent’s to damn high by red bull

An abbreviated survey of iconic venues…

by Josh Madden

It has come to our attention that all to often when "the good times" are going down, we're often too to busy having fun to record just when and where those good times are happening. Actually, for some of the good ol' memories from the awesome days, nobody was recording anything because there were no iPhones or Go-Pros or whatever small devices we're currently using. Thanks to RedBull Music Academy though, you can now go through the spaces and history of some of the most iconic clubs of our time...all in one place. Their project "The Rent's Too Damn High" shows timelines, maps, photos, even what the locations are today, it's pretty wicked! Check the whole thing out HERE and if anyone at RedBull is listening can you please do this for LA, DC, get our drift?