The Rival’s New Video Captures The Strangeness Of Summer Love

It’s a bear of a time

Summer romance, like all romances, is a grab bag of emotions. You're happy, sad, elated, annoyed, and more. Suddenly, your friendship circle widens and you're meeting strangers and potential new friends. Of course, that comes with the feeling of being on the outside—even when you're with your summer (and maybe longer-term) love.

The Rival's new video for "When I'm With You (Walking On Air)" explores that bittersweet feeling. It's an already glistening pop song made even more magical with an equally dreamy visual. "I think we take ourselves too seriously sometimes (especially artists)," The Rival's Phillip LaRue told us, "and honestly, life is hard at times and we could all use a laugh now and then. I came up with this video concept because I wanted to make something that felt strange and dream-like. I also wanted to portray in a surreal, different light, how sometimes you can feel like an outsider even when in a close relationship." The bear metaphor is a nice, tongue-in-cheek touch. It's humorous, sweet, and deliciously pop. The infinite sense of possibility summer brings—and, indeed, the possibilities the beginnings of a new relationship brings—are out in full force here.

"When I'm With You (Walking On Air)" is but one of five outstanding, sun-kissed songs from The Rival's new Waves EP. In LaRue's words, "I wanted to write a love song that felt like that surreal moment when you meet eyes with someone who knocks you off your feet. 'Walking On Air' was our attempt at that. Love is a freaking amazing wild ride, as we all know. It morphs and changes, but there is something about the initial fall that is really special." Get ready to fall for this. Over and over again.