It’s Blake Lively Against A Shark In The Trailer For “The Shallows”

Which living killing machine will win?

Just like a shark, Blake Lively is sleek, graceful, and possesses impressive teeth. This is what makes the newly released trailer for The Shallows something more than an aquatic horror film (which it is). Rather, it is a clash of equals.

Much like 2003’s gripping, haunting Open Water, The Shallows curls around the simple, terrifying idea of being stranded at sea with no boat, no weapons, and no help in sight. As well, it features big, scary gray sharks. It’s one of those base human fears that triggers something in all of us.

Unlike Open Water, The Shallows seems to feature our protagonist surrounded by water, but out of it (on a rock, to be exact). It also features, unlike Open Water, former Gossip Girl star (and former lifestyle website doyenne) Lively. Given her outfit in the short, beautiful, but, also, claustrophobic trailer, we’re guessing The Shallows will tap into that Cali surfer-girl vibe she’s always giving off but has rarely used on film (Savages being the exception).

Interestingly, it seems Lively will be doing all of the heavy lifting here as there are only two other actors credited to the film. Well, obviously, the shark will have a substantial role as well, but it doesn’t count. Directed by horror veteran Jaume Collet-Serra who gave us Orphan (which is good) and Non-Stop (which is not), The Shallows is set to release in theaters June 24.