The Used Go Full-On Rock Ballet In New Video

There is a vast loneliness to be had

A music video should not only bring a particular song to life, it should expand on it and give it new depth. The Used have taken this to heart this album cycle and not only are releasing videos that align with their respective songs, but that also stand alone as art all on their own. "The Nexus" is the latest installment.

Over the course of now-three music videos to come from the band's latest album, The Canyon, The Used and director Lisa Mann have taken fans on a journey of self-accepting abandon, a bit of misery, and now, a transmission of knowledge and love. After all, a nexus is, as lead singer Bert McCracken tells us, "a connection or series of connections linking two or more things [that] in some ways represent failures, successes, and missed opportunities, more closely represent generational connectivity." 

With "The Nexus," a highlight of the album, Mann builds a bridge connecting the past to the future through dance. "The concept for the video is a visceral love story of two identities battling for supremacy and independence only to be locked in patterned loops together throughout time told through experimental movement," Mann says. Linking up with choreographer William Yong, who worked on the previous Canyon videos, helped bring that concept to life. "I love how 'Nexus' is so epic, almost like a film score, so I didn’t want the video to be confined," she adds. "I wanted it to have a vast loneliness to it."

Watch it unfold, below.