The Weeknd The Hills Music Video - New Song 2015

welcome to “the hills”

The shroud of mystery surrounding mixtape wunderkind Abel Tesfaye—better known as The Weeknd—is officially lifting. His drowsy R&B has creeped its way into the mainstream since "High For This" dropped in 2011.

Produced by Mano and Illangelo, “The Hills” is his latest, woozy single. He first performed it at Coachella this year, and now its got itself a shiny—albeit dark—music video. As usual, Tesfaye’s accompanied by a gorgeous woman. They’ve survived a car crash and, by the looks of it, are returning from a night of debauchery. (This is The Weeknd, after all.) He walks away from the problem and winds up in a gorgeous mansion. He keeps repeating, “When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me” as if he’s trying to reassure himself of his identity. Perhaps that’s not the case anymore, though. Since Tesfaye is working on his follow-up to Kiss Land, the cliffhanger ending leads us to believe there’s a part two coming. He can't keep running from these situations for much longer. Stay tuned.