This New Shop Has The Feminist Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Including, but not limited to, totes and pins

Don’t know what to get your Hillary-adoring pantsuit-wearing friend this holiday? The Wing has you covered.

Let’s back up a bit. If you’re not familiar, the Wing is a women’s club in New York City that opened up in October with the goal of giving professional women a place to go that is like a halfway spot between office and home, one where they can hang out with other like-minded women in a constructive, collaborative environment. And use lots of Glossier products. Or, in the Wing's own words, it was founded “out of the belief that women need and deserve a multi-purpose space designed to make their lives easier, and the magic is created when women gather together.” Beyond its functional purpose, the Wing's highly coveted (and Instagram-friendly) aesthetic has been noted in each write-up of the Wing, meaning that the realization of a retail branch of the club was less a question of if, and more a question of when.

Well, the answer to that question is now: The Wing’s e-commerce site launched today and includes pieces like a baseball cap with “League of Unusual Women” written across it; pencils with names of inspiring women like Michelle Obama, Winona Ryder, and Fran Drescher on them; and a tote bag with "Bag Lady" in big blue print. Our personal favorite items have to be a pin designed by artist Marilyn Minter for Planned Parenthood that reads “Don’t Fuck With Us Don’t Fuck Without Us,” and the “Girls Doing Whatever The Fuck They Want in 2017” keychain. We might not be able to afford the annual membership fee (it runs $1,950 annually), but non-Wing members are free to add these to their shopping cart whenever they please. 

Scroll through to check out some more pieces and head over to the shop to see the rest.  

The Wing, Marilyn Minter Pin For Planned Parenthood, $3, available at The Wing.

The Wing, Write Your Own Path Pencil Pack, $10, available at The Wing.

The Wing, Girls Doing Whatever They Want In 2017 Keychain, $15, available at The Wing.

The Wing, League of Unusual Women Hat, $25, available at The Wing.

The Wing, New York Woman Tee, $40, available at The Wing.

The Wing, Must Add Water Shower Cap, $20, available at The Wing.

The Wing, Bag Lady Tote, $35, available at The Wing.