Photo by S. Alemdar/Getty Images.

This Is The World’s Most Popular Instagram Filter

but it won’t score you any more likes…

Instagram supplies us with a rainbow of filters to brighten, polish, blur, fuzz out, and generally improve our appearance, so it's a major surprise that the app's most popular filter is, in fact, unanimous. A recent slew of infographics from prove that, no matter what state or country you're in, you and everyone you know is probably choosing the same one filter ... over, and over, and over again.

So which is the most beautiful filter of them all? The answer is Clarendon. According to a study conducted by Yahoo! Labs and Georgia Tech, this filter is the prime choice across all of the U.S. states and all but seven countries. The artists behind the graphics speculated that Clarendon is popular among users for its intense brightening and highlighting abilities. (What's not to love about that slight greenish-blue tint? Cool, bright tones make colors pop!) What we didn't expect was that Clarendon is actually less likely to garner "likes" from followers, who usually reserve that little red heart for warmer-toned palates like Juno and Valencia.

Second choice filters varied by region—the South, Midwest, and Northwest have an affinity for Gingham, while coastal IG users opt for Juno. If you're in a landlocked state, odds are you'll choose Lark. And if rooting for the underdog is your thing, we suggest giving Sierra, Mayfair, or Walden a chance—they were each a top contender in one state only.