the zolas “strange girl”

Sometimes you creep me out…have I ever told you you’re a strange girl?

by Josh Madden

The art of videos is making a comeback--and we're so glad because now a bunch of our favorite bands who have written a bunch of our favorite songs are making our favorite videos! The Zolas are one of the most played bands in our i-tunes and their newest video is pretty ingenious. First of all, if you aren't already familiar, their EP Ancient Mars is out now and the latest video is for a jam called "Strange Girl". The video kicks off with the scenario of some geriatric folks at a high school reunion and, as the old dude lays eyes on his one time sweetheart, a ton of memories come back to him. The song describes a couple meeting at different times throughout life and the video depicts the pair going through the years and repeatedly re-meeting. The question is, Do they end up together? Guess you gotta watch the video to find out. Get the very awesome Ancient Mars HERE and keep up with The Zolas HERE.