thee satisfaction’s seattle

even if you can’t stand the rain, their city guide gives you five reasons to go.

by ray siegel

Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White are the alternative rap duo that is Thee Satisfaction. The girls have as much soul as James Brown, they're as good at rapping as Q-Tip, are as pro-girl power as Gloria Steinem—and they put together the best eating tour of Seattle. When they're not off touring the world they're writing, producing, performing, and eating Ethiopian food in Seattle, their hometown. We caught up with them while on their European tour (they're playing at Kazimier in Liverpool tonight!) to find out exactly where they like to chill with a plate of Caesar salad—because everyone knows that a bad Caesar salad is the worst.

Here are the girls' picks:

Best Taco: Tacos Gringos (1510 Olive Way)

"They have very flavorful vegetarian tacos, very spicy salsa, and are open way past the times when our shows wrap."

The Best Bowl Of Soup: Pho Than Brothers (516 Broadway East)

"It's delicious Vietnamese soup that comes in varieties of beef, chicken or tofu. They also have yummy little cream puffs."

Best Pizza: Pagliacci's (4003 Stone Way North)

"It's not just the best pizza in Seattle—it's the best pizza in the world. They have a crazy variety of toppings, but we usually get the Pepperoni slice with a caesar salad. They hit all of the components of a good pizza; All of their ingredients are organic, the tomato sauce is on point, and the crust is thin and chewy. Their caesar dressing is house-made. The happy hour options are great as well."

Best Place To Try East African Food For The First Time: Meskel Ethiopian (2605 East Cherry Street)

"There is a large East African population in Seattle, which makes for a lot diversity in the area. You must try some Ethiopian, Eritrean, or Somali food. There is a wide array of restaurants spread throughout Seattle, but we recommend taking a few friends here and sharing a veggie and a meat platter."

Best Place To Catch A Street Brawl: Pioneer Square (Yesler Street & 1st Avenue)

"This is place located just south of the downtown area. There are a lot of homeless shelters, bars, clubs, and two sporting arenas. Essentially there are many drunk people who are not necessarily happy. The police love that area."