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Thinx Period Panties: A Real-Life Road Test

bloody good!

by Claire Fitzsimmmons

I've never been excited to get my period before, but when I sneezed while laying in bed this morning and I got that familiar feeling…you know, that hyper-fast army roll out of bed ("Shit! Shit! Shit! Watch the sheets!"), I’m secretly delighted. I’m excited because this week, I’ll be testing out those Thinx period panties I've seen online. I want to know: Do they work?

If you don’t know what they are, Thinx panties are underwear that work as period protection. So, here’s the plan: I'm going to attempt to do an entire cycle using only the Thinx panties. No period protection (e.g., pads, tampons, menstrual cups), except the panties. I’m going in.

My initial qualms are: I don't wear pads, so will this be like sitting in a puddle of my own blood all day? Will they be uncomfortable? Gross? Leaky? Stinky? Let’s find out!

Day one: Trying Them On

Panty: Heavy Flow Hip-Huggers

I put on the Heavy Flow Hip-Huggers. They are soft and feel kind of like Spanx, but less restrictive. There is an extra layer of material in the gusset that must do all the work. It feels a little crinkly, but honestly—it's hardly noticeable. You know when you try on a pair of swimwear in the store and they have the little plastic strip in the gusset? Well, it’s nowhere near as uncomfortable as that. Honestly, I can hardly notice it. They feel snug but not too tight. Also, the black ones are kind of sexy! I don’t feel like I’m wearing my gross period knickers at all.

Today is Saturday, and I'm lazing around at home—so I feel comfortable risking the leak. But it doesn’t come. There is no odor or wetness. I don't feel like I'm sitting in my blood at all. I mean, I know that I’m bleeding because I can feel it—but you would never know from the outside. No leakage, nothing! I'm amazed! It's like they suck up all the period blood like some kind of magic! I am Super Woman! I feel empowered! I feel so good, I even download an app which tells me how my cycle is synching with the moon.

I wear the panties for 12 hours and rinse the underwear out in the shower and get a strange sense of pride—yeah! That's my blood! Look at all of it! They rub clear after a few minutes, and I hang them up to dry. I wear a second set of hip-huggers to sleep overnight, and wake up pleasantly surprised that my sheets are still clean.

Day Two: The Heaviest Day

Panty: Heavy Flow Hip-Huggers

Here comes the big challenge: day two! As we all know, it’s the heaviest day of your cycle. I'm ready, and feel empowered by yesterday's experience. I feel invincible! I've got another pair of hip-huggers ready to go. As the day progresses, I can feel that I’m gushing a ton of blood (sorry to be so graphic, but it’s a lot of blood), but again—no leaks, no odor.

I'm beginning to think that my period experience might have irrevocably changed.

Day Three: Date Night

Panty: Mid-Flow Sport versus Light-Flow Thong

Today the flow is a little less tidal, so I’m going with the mid-flow option—the Sport. But oh, no! I just got asked out on a date. I thought I was committed to the period-panty challenge, but I’m having second thoughts. I want to look cute and wear a tight dress (I like this guy), but I’m concerned about a VPL.

As I’m about to leave the house, I check out my butt in the mirror—the underwear looks a little bulky. At the last minute, I swap them for a Tampax and the Thinx thong option. I feel secure, and as I made out with the cutie later, he grabbed my butt (:D), and I was glad I made the change.

Day Four: Yoga Exercise Test

Panty: Mid-Flow Boy Short

These boy-short undies are actually perfect for hot yoga class, so I've decided to brave the risk of bleeding all over my towel in front of 30 sweaty strangers in the name of journalism. No tampons, no pads. Just a pair of Thinx between myself and complete embarrassment.

Guess what?! I stretched and bent over and touched my toes and did all that and nothing. And the best part is that I actually felt secure the whole time. I’m amazed. Also to note: Because of the absorbent fabric, I also didn't feel sweaty at all, so they’re great for working out in. Ten-million thumbs up.

Day Five: Light Day

Panty: Cheeky

This is usually the day in my cycle that I think my period has finished, but it actually hasn’t, so I bleed all over my clothes. Ya know what I’m saying, ladies? I’m ready for my period to be over, and I’m kinda ready to stop wearing these full-brief panties. But I put on the lacy Cheeky pair, and ummmm, I feel sexy. Who would have thought you could feel sexy in your period knickers? I feel so good, I send date guy a little picture of my butt. Feel like I’m winning at being a woman.

Final Opinion:

They actually work, 100 percent. I’m amazed.

While I understand the idea of ditching pads, cups, and tampons might seem extreme, I could potentially see the period panty changing how women deal with menstruating. I’m certainly tired of shoving a foreign object into my pussy five days a month, and I’ll probably stick with these in the future.

I would recommend collating a cycle set which includes three heavy-day pairs, two mid-flow pairs, and two light-flow pairs.