This is Ground Fights Pocket Bulge with new Mod 2

Guys are at a stalemate with their goods. We carry too little for backpacks, too much for our pant pockets (pocket bulge is not a good look), and fanny packs are not making a resurgence anytime soon. Fortunately, L.A. based lifestyle and tech accessories brand, This is Ground just released the Mod 2; a simple solution for all of our carrying woes. 

The Mod 2's customizable inserts make it the perfect carrying case for every lifestyle and profession, and it's large-enough design allows you to fit an iPad Air or Mini, specs or sunnies, cords, pens, a knot of cash, and any other loose-end that you'd rather not jam in your pockets. The Mod 2 is 100% leather, comes in five colors (charcoal, bone, cognac, toffee, and cobalt), and retails for $300 online.