5 Energizing Breakfast Recipes That Use Only 3 Ingredients

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    by · April 20, 2016

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    The sun slips through your shades and an alarm beeps on your nightstand. You want to punch snooze for the second time but a chorus of birds is chirping and a mountain of work is waiting. You need all the energy you can get to conquer the Everest of reports and assignments on your desk, so kick the comforter off and treat yourself to more than a bowl of cereal.

    Channel your inner Child—Julia Child, that is. The powerhouse personality and chef behind Mastering the Art of French Cooking once said, “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces—just good food from fresh ingredients.” And we tend to agree. Navigating the world of online dating is complicated, your breakfast shouldn’t be.

    A recipe doesn’t have to have an ingredients list longer than the credits of a movie. All it takes is three things from your kitchen to compose a flavorful plate that’ll fuel you for the rest of the day. These recipes are easily achievable and require no heavy grocery haul. Added bonus: Most of the ingredients can be found at your local farmers’ market, which is on par with Child’s call for “fresh,” encouraging you to eat well so you can crush your morning presentation.

    It really can be as easy as one, two, three. Recipes in the gallery, below.

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