tim william x gurew “harder”

The new track at the top of our running playlist…

by Josh Madden

One of the many interesting things about working at a magazine, and especially NYLON Guys, is that you get to meet all kinds of really talented people often before the rest of the world does. It's pretty rad to meet people, become a fan of who they are and what they're doing, and the whole world become fans just like you. That said, it's pretty astounding how often these amazing musicians, designers, artists are quiet, polite and incredibly unassuming. That brings us to our most recent find, a young artist who stopped by and kicked it in the office last week named Tim William.

William, a native New Yorker, has traveled the world playing keyboards with bands like Gym Class Heros and rapper like Lil' Wayne, written songs with Benny Blanco and Bjorn Yttling (of Peter Bjorn & John) and DJ'd things like MTv award show after parties. So why are we just now listening to the 20 some odd songs on his Soundcloud? Well, in the hour and a half we spent with William he talked for about five minutes...the rest of that time he spent showing us videos and playing some of the record he's about to release. The different roles he's played making music with other people and the different genres he's explored really show in this young artists catalog of music. With newer tracks like "Creator" to "Harder" below, his work ranges from dark chill-out vibes to big room-festival tent bangers.

As William prepares to unleash his new record and some incredible visuals, we're just discovering the amazing stuff he's been working on for the last three years. We're shaking our heads at the fact that his track "Harder" isn't all over Z100. Produced by French duo Gurew, this jam is three-and-a-half minutes of sonic jumping jacks. Seriously, this track is going on our running playlist, pronto.

Check out William's Soundcloud HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE. He's finally getting the spotlight to himself and we have it on good authority that this dude is about to make more noise than ever. Stay tuned...