Watch Tina Fey And Jimmy Fallon Play ‘First Impressions’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Her Sofia Vergara Ain’t Too Bad Either

by daniel barna

It's always a good time when the former Weekend Update duo (and current BFF's) Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon reunite, and their Monday night hang sesh on The Tonight Show was no different. Fey is always game for whatever Fallon throws at her, and last night it was the high pressure, high stakes contest "First Impressions" in which Fey and Fallon try and guess each others celebrity impressions.

Other than her iconic Sarah Palin, Tina Fey isn't exactly known for her mimicking skills, and going up against the impression savant that is Jimmy Fallon seems like a losing proposition. But this is Tina Fey we're talking about, one of the most talented human beings on the planet. So it's no surprise that she totally nails Jack Nicholson, Sofia Vergara, and Elmo, without breaking so much as a sweat. Go see Fey's new movie Sisters everyone. She's earned it.