Photo courtesy of RCA


Tinashe Wants Some “Company” On Her New Single

It’s officially ‘Joyride’ season

A month has passed since Tinashe dropped the single "Superlove" on us, and now she's hit us with another hot track. "Company" is a slow-burning song about embracing the "no strings attached" mentality. Tinashe doesn't want to be your girlfriend—she's busy, so she'll let you know when she has time for you. (Sorry boo, you're just a side piece.) 

Tinashe's message is super empowering and should resonate with almost anyone with a pulse. It's nice to get a taste of the other side of lust for once. (We're so sick of all those sugar-coated love stories that slut-shame other women for making eye contact with their man.) Flings are supposed to be fun, so enjoy them while they last.

We still have no word on when exactly Joyride is coming out on RCA, but something tells us that it will be sooner rather than later. Stream this steamy single via Spotify, below.