Tinashe Brings The Heat On “Flame”

Drop it like it’s hot

While you were sleeping, Tinashe casually dropped a hot new single. Naturally, it's called "Flame." The sultry slow jam is about keeping the passion for your lover alive and doing whatever it takes to ensure that it doesn't burn out.

We've heard Tinashe sing sweet nothings about all types of situationships, but it's never been delivered with production this clean before. "Flame" is the polar opposite of "Company," which pushed for embracing the "no strings attached" policy. Nightr1de dipped into dark, moody R&B territory, so this single makes it clear that Joyride will be packed with more mainstream pop ballads. Similar to the creatures from the world of Pokémon, Tinashe is an artist who is constantly evolving.

There's still no official confirmation on when Joyride will be released (or rather when RCA sets it free), but Tinashe told GQ Style that the album "is just getting better and better." In her own words, "It’s not sitting in limbo, it’s being improved upon and growing all the time." 

In the meantime, Tinashe is gearing up for a guest starring role in the next season of Empire. She's also been named as Pepsi's next artist for The Sound Drop and you can catch her modeling the UO x Juicy Couture collab that we are super obsessed with.

Bump this fire track in the video, below.