Soon You’ll Be Able To Tinder From Your Desktop

More clicking, less swiping

Near, far, wherever you are, Tinder is always on the mind. And pretty soon, we'll have the ability to use it on any medium that our hearts desire. The company is currently in the early stages of testing a desktop version of the app in select countries.

Those of you looking for love (or lust) in Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, Philippines, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, and Italy will have to report back to us if you get to try out a beta version on your computer browsers. According to Tinder, the finished product will have a “similar flow” to the app, but the online messaging system will be “more seamless.” 

Here's to hoping that awkward commercials for are included with this launch as well. (Hopefully, it will function like MTV's NEXT.) Looks like and OKCupid are about to have some major competition in the online dating world while all of your digital dating dreams are about to come true with one click of a button. 

Sign us up! Or don't. We're cool either way.