titanium sunglasses by william painter

“I think you guys just changed the world.” - Will Ferrell

by nylon

This pair of William Painter sunglasses are the sleekest thing to come out since Goldfinger. They’re made from anodized titanium and the arms are constructed with the same material that’s used for the fastest jet in the world (SR-71 Blackbird). They're so strong in fact that you can open a beverage with the patented notch in the arm. Their lenses are polarized and top-notch CR-39, that's allyl diglycol carbonate for those who don't know. You need a saw to get through these hinges and the screws are comprised of pure stainless steel. If you’re thinking as you're reading this, "this should have a nice and hefty wad of figures on the price tag," well you’re wrong. William is selling them for $145 and we couldn’t be happier to be the first purchase. The guys down at Painter’s studio have just changed the game; but don't take our word for it, find out for yourself HERE.

-Rashed Aqrabawi