t.j. miller, comedy genius, talks fashion week

we hung out with the $1’silicon valley’ star

by nylon

T.J. Miller, star of HBO's Silicon Valley, stopped by our office to talk to us about his experiences at New York Fashion Week—which were unlike anything we've heard so far. Watch the video below to see the actor spill his many thoughts and feelings while hanging out with his tiny, fluffy new friend, Kimberly. 

The second season of Silicon Valley starts on April 12. In the meantime, follow T.J. on Twitter to get your fix. 

(To all the animal people watching: Kimberly belongs to Senior Editor Gabrielle Korn, who was standing close by during the filming of this art piece—and though Kimberly looks kind of upset, she is really just being a wriggly noodle, doing her best impression of a fish.)