Watch Tom Cruise Lip Sync ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’

he can’t feel his face when he’s with you

Hot off the heels of some of the best reviews of his career, Tom Cruise showed up on The Tonight Show last night, and you knew that whatever competition Jimmy Fallon had lined up for him, the super competitive Cruise would go hard. That was exactly the case when Fallon, wishing for his own funeral, challenged Cruise to a lip sync battle.

The whole thing was pretty alright—a little too many oldies for our taste—but it hit sublime levels when Cruise pretended to sing The Weeknd's unstoppable hit, "I Can't Feel My Face," which he correctly referred to as the song of the summer. The performance was pretty impressive given that Cruise probably heard the song for the first time one hour earlier in his dressing room. But you don't become one of the biggest movie stars of all time, as Fallon introduced him, without being able to pretend you're down with the cool kids.