Tomboy Hang Out Video

float away on a river of lush electro-pop.

by liza darwin

If your Wednesday afternoon is dragging, we know just the thing to help--and it comes courtesy of Tomboy's self-described "tasty pop songs." The New York duo, comprised of Sarah Aument and William Shore, have been bubbling around the blogosphere for the past few months now, ever since they dropped their icy electro-pop single "Roll Out" upon the internet. 

They followed that up with the ultra-dreamy gem "Hang Out," and now it's about time that the track scores a video that's just as gorgeous as the music itself. According to Aument and Shore, the song is 100-percent a love story, but one with the same complexities any relationship has to deal with. "The song is about the inability to stay in the moment with someone or anything really," they said. "But it's also a love song; it's one of the most straightforward love songs we have."

You can feel these vibes in the video--which offers a darker twist on the complications of love. But hey, don't just take our word for it. Watch "Hang Out" below, and then see when you can hang out with the band in real life at one of their upcoming shows here