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Tomi Lahren, Your Attempt At Mocking “Liberal Snowflakes” Is Dumb

Please stop

by Sarah Beauchamp

Tomi Lahren teamed up with conservative group Turning Point USA in another failed attempt to mock "liberal snowflakes." The sign they created, which they clearly thought was a hoot, said, "Dear liberal snowflakes, nothing is free, crying doesn't solve problems, screaming doesn't make you right, not everyone is a winner, there are no 'safe spaces.'"

First of all, if we continue to ignore the mass shooting crisis we're currently facing in this country, yes, there really won't be any safe spaces anymore. Second, some things are free. Like the sheer joy the internet got when making fun of this dumb PSA. 

Someone pointed out that Lahren should take her own advice. "Screaming doesn't make you right" does sound funny coming from someone who made a career out of inciting rage. 

Also, it's interesting how the "liberals are babies" stereotype continues to thrive when the right is literally smashing coffee machines because the company creating them doesn't support people who defend pedophiles

They also regularly dress up like actual babies.

Someone fixed the poster for them.

Another person made it about actual snowflakes.

Not everyone is a winner.

Republicans might want to rethink their strategy. 

A for effort, I guess?  

On behalf of liberal snowflakes everywhere: Tomi, please stop. Just. Stop.