tooth tunes by arm & hammer

“We will..we will…”

by Christian Lavery

Your current toothbrush? Consider it worthless. The reason: because we’re 99-percent certain that the second you start brushing it won’t start playing the hit song from Queen “We Will Rock You” (or any song for that matter). Made by Arm & Hammer, the Tooth Tunes soft toothbrush plays a song for as long as the dentist recommends you should brush for, two minutes. So now, while you’re taking care of your pearly whites, you can rock out a bit as well. Pick your favorite song from the selection here, and use this coupon to purchase it at most food and drug chains or order it HERE. From this point on, you won’t just end up with whiter teeth, but a song you won’t be able to get out of your head as well.