Top Gun 2

and we’ve got the complete scoop.

by liza darwin

It's been almost 30 years since Top Gun first premiered in theaters back in 1986, but we just got word that the classic flick is finally getting a sequel...and a killer writer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has recruited Justin Marks to pen the script for Top Gun 2. Marks is already an accomplished figure, but with his new gig writing the live action Jungle Book movie, he might actually make this one of those rare sequels that doesn't make us cringe.

Here's what else we know: Tom Cruise is returning as the pilot Maverick, and the drama will revolve around "relevance of good old fashioned pilots in today’s high-tech, drone-centric war environment." No word yet on whether or not Kelly McGillis will return as Charlie or Val Kilmer will be back as Iceman, but stay tuned. In the meantime, rewatch the original trailer below and tell us if you're into the idea of a reboot in the comments.