These Are The Hair Trends That Will Rule 2018

The experts weigh in

You know that urge you have to chop all of your hair off after a bad breakup? Well, that’s pretty much how we’re feeling after surviving 2017—we’re desperate for some sort of cathartic change to our look. And for us, that means COLOR.

Since we’re still in prime “new year, new you” season, we think now is the perfect time to book an appointment and switch things up. Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, we chatted with the know-it-alls of hair to get their expert opinions on what they predict will be trending in the upcoming year. So, if you find yourself itching for a change, consider this your inspiration guide.

From the latest It Colors to the amended cuts of 2017, 2018 is looking big, bright, and beautiful. Below, the experts’ big predictions for colors, cuts, and styles for the year ahead.

Ultra VioletOf course, the first one on the list is ultra violet. After Pantone announced that this vibrant purple shade would reign supreme in 2018, there was no doubt that it would end up being a major trend in the world of hair color, as well.

Hannah Edelman, colorist at Brush In Hand Hair Studio, predicts it being a favorite for its versatility. “Reminiscent of freshly bloomed flowers, ultra violet hair falls right in line with spring’s floral trends. It offers a ton of flexibility, either by going richer, lighter, more blue, more pink, or muted—all of which can accommodate different levels of hair. There’s a version for everyone!” she says.

Two-toned shadesWhat about colors that aren’t ultra violet? David Adams, colorist and co-owner of Fourteenjay, feels they’ll still pack quite a punch in 2018. “There will be a lot of all-over colors, as well as solid colors with complementary and contrasting effects, this season,” he says. Two-toned brights? Don’t mind if we do. “If you’re going to have a bright, it’s much better to vary the tone, to accentuate the haircut and have fun with the color.”

Not sure which shades to pair together? Adams sent over Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2018 shades to help get you inspired.

Muted neonsWhile Pravana Collective member and Vivids artist Kayla Boyer agrees that bold and bright colors are still having a moment, it’s the toned-down versions that she thinks will be in the spotlight. “Neon and silver hair colors have been trending for the past few years, but for 2018, it’s all about their muted, toned-down versions. This look married two popular spring trends, metallic and pastels, to create a very light and bright, but still soft, color combination.

Of course, we can't just leave the trends to color. What about the top cuts and styles?

The true bobForget the lob, the true bob is making a comeback. Rodney Cutler, owner of Cutler Salon, predicts this strong, bold cut is going to be a hit this year. “This timeless, simplistic look looks beautiful on most face shapes—it hugs the jawline and accentuates the eyes.” Looking to amp it up even more? “Add in some playful color or texture,” he suggests.

The curly shagCutler also sees the curly shag, “where natural meets rock ‘n’ roll,” becoming a major trend this year. “Utilizing the return to natural texture, this cut incorporates it with that iconic shag shape,” he says.

The grown-out cropRemember the buzz cut that was oh-so-popular in early 2017? Well, Cutler predicts the grown-out version is going to be big for 2018. “This look is more the result of an organic growing-out process from the super-cropped cut, where you sort of ‘stumble’ into the look, rather than focus on design. It has a softness while retaining the short look,” he says.

Curtain bangsEmily Hesser, hairstylist at Cutler Salon, predicts that curtain bangs are about to be the next big thing. “Searches for them are up 600 percent on Pinterest,” she says. “This badass Brigitte Bardot style is coming in hot.”

Curtain bangs are actually a way of parting your hair versus cutting it, with the hair slightly parted down the middle and the bangs also slightly parted. “Fun fact, parts for curtain bangs can be different than your regular part. Play around and see which part gives you the best sweep. It might be against your cowlick or in a place you haven’t tried to part your hair before. Explore different parts and see what works best with your hair length and texture,” she says.

Volume, volume, volumeVernon Francois, celebrity hairstylist and founder of the Vernon Francois Collection, predicts that volume, volume, and more volume will be the look this year. “The Golden Globes was a true testament to this,” he says. We can look out for “bold statement styles that are big and have a lot of shape, in all hair textures” this year, such as the look he styled on Susan Kelechi at the Globes, above.

Razored cutsFrank Rizzieri, owner of Rizzieri Salons and Fourteenjay, thinks that 2018 is the year that the straight razor has its moment. Why? It’s all about giving your look some edge. “I feel that haircuts done with a straight razor will give the best effect, as the edges will be slightly disconnected, giving movement and body. Movement and body are key mainly for lengths that are at or below the chin or past the shoulders,” he says.