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This Instagram Account Is A Social Media Burn Book

introducing the regina george of insta

With new technology comes new social codes and new annoyances. Someone likes your Instagram but doesn’t respond to your texts? Not cool. Someone posts a million photos while editing every aspect of their life to perfection? You’ll continue to follow them, but you’ll be filled with jealousy every time you scroll their feed. Thanks to London-based illustrator Top Girl Studio, an Instagram burn book is capturing every frustration you may feel when you spend time on social media. Introducing: iGirl.

iGirl is a sort of alter-ego, who “has the confidence to say it how it is, and the ego to not care what other people think of her,” Top Girl Studio told Dazed. With relatable quips and clever celebrity take-downs, the Instagram account is a must-follow. But Top Girl has also gone even farther with the project, creating an iGirl book that’s available for preorder now.

"I wanted to create something that would make girls laugh but also wasn’t just nonsense, there was a meaning behind it,” she says. “iGirl is a bit of fun, yes but it also opens up our eyes to the bigger picture: how reliant we have become online. It’s all about ‘internet goals and having the perfect feed.’ Which when we take a step back and think about it, it’s all ridiculous but we all do it, including me.”

While our actions on social media may seem crazy, that doesn’t mean we can easily resist our hours of editing, cropping, and cultivating. At least now there’s someone calling us out.

Everything #goals.

Too real.